What we do

Our vision is to create:

A thriving, integrated and inclusive multi-cultural community in Richmond upon Thames and surrounding boroughs.

Our mission is to be the leading charity working to secure racial equality and inclusion in, and celebrate and strengthen the multi-cultural nature of, the Richmond upon Thames community and communities in surrounding boroughs.

More than 26,000 people living in Richmond come from minority ethnic groups. At EMAG we hear daily about people facing disadvantage because of their racial background. Often this arises from a lack of understanding and difficulties in communicating. There are also frequent instances of racial intolerance and racial harassment.

We therefore carry out work and activities to help improve race relations and to help ethnic monitory groups to settle into the areas where they live. Living in a new country is not easy as there are many barriers. Getting used to a new language and local customs are not easy in addition to facing discrimination. We also work with local bodies such as the Police, Richmond Council and the Citizens Advisory Bureau in an advisory and practical capacity.

We work with Ethnic Minority Communities and encourage them to set up self-help groups.  We empower them to access their rights and the services available which meet the needs of a diverse community.

We help people from minority ethnic backgrounds to understand the host community and develop skills to flourish in British life by providing courses in English Literacy, digital computing and other skills which can make them more employable and self-sufficient and thrive in the wider community

We run annual events like Bike across Cultures to promote the benefits of cycling, walking and using the parks. We run a programme of Multifaith visits to enhance people’s understanding of other cultures and to show the universal nature of faiths humanism and human values. We also organise an annual Multicultural Event in Whitton

Examples of our work

  • We support people who face racial disadvantage.
  • We give free advice and support to people from minority ethnic groups.
  • We support victims of racial harassment.
  • We promote equality of opportunity and good relations between people of different racial groups.
  • We promote and support the development of self-help groups.
  • We work in partnership with statutory and other organisations to eliminate unlawful discrimination.
  • We identify community needs and persuade service providers to meet them.
  • We promote community cohesion, equality and celebrate diversity
  • We recruit and train volunteers.
  • We manage a lunch club for minority ethnic elders.
  • We provide activities and short breaks to BME carers
  • We develop and manage activities for BME youth aged between 13-19

Our Key Objectives

In furtherance of its registered charitable objectives EMAG shall, primarily in the borough of Richmond upon Thames:

  • Work towards the elimination of racial disadvantage and its counter effect
  • Promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups.
  • Promote community cohesion and equality
  • Celebrate the diversity of ethnic backgrounds within the community

At EMAG we are committed to successful multi-racial communities and we aim to help people who experience racism and to support people who are new to life in Britain.

Main groups EMAG work with

We work with a range of people and they include all ethnic minorities including Eastern Europeans of all ages.

Annual reports

We produce an annual report and if you would like to download a copy please choose one from the list below:






Our Partners/Partnerships

We work with partners to deliver quality services to our users:

  • Achieving for Children – Afc
  • Age UK Richmond upon Thames
  • Community Partnership
  • Citizens Advice Bureau – CAB
  • GoLocal
  • Integrated Neurological Services – INS
  • NHS
  • Police
  • Kingston Race Equality Council – KREC
  • Twickenham Rugby Football Union
  • RB Mind
  • Richmond Council
  • Richmond Adult Community College – RACC
  • Richmond Carers Centre – RCC
  • Richmond Housing Partnership – RHP

Our partners play an important role in our work from funding, supporting and helping us deliver services to our users.